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UCLA’s official internal mass email service, BruinPost, is one of the primary ways in which UCLA leaders communicate with audiences across campus. Requests for BruinPosts must be made by an authorized issuing officer — usually the vice chancellor, vice provost or dean of a campus unit — or that person’s approved designee.

The BruinPost service is administered by UCLA Strategic Communications with technical support and maintenance provided by Information Technology Services. The service uses a recharge system with rates listed below.

How to Request a BruinPost

  1. Issuing officers or approved designees may submit a BruinPost Order Form online. (Please read all information on this page before submitting an order request.)
  2. The requester will receive an order confirmation email.
  3. The BruinPost Administrator will notify the requester when a test is on its way for review/approval.
  4. The BruinPost Administrator will confirm the send date and time with the requester before sending.
  5. Clients may look up their BruinPost recharge ID online.

Messages and Content

Since by their nature BruinPosts are sent to a wide audience, their content must be broadly relevant and important to those at UCLA. The campus has instituted the following content guidelines per UCLA Policy 316: BruinPost Messaging Service.

BruinPosts may be used to communicate:

  • University and campus administrative and academic policy matters;
  • Senior administrative and executive announcements;
  • Compensation, benefits and other employment-related subjects;
  • Campus accounting, purchasing and administrative systems procedures;
  • Academic program announcements, nominations and appointments;
  • Safety and security issues including communiqués required by law or policy where electronic means will satisfy legal or policy requirements.
  • Approved messages to the student body*

BruinPost may not be used for:

  • Unlawful activities
  • Commercial purposes not under the auspices of the university
  • Personal financial gain
  • Personal use inconsistent with UC Electronic Communications Policy
  • Uses that violate other university policies or guidelines
  • Publicizing campus job openings, or speakers or events on campus (other means of communication are available for such events), unless approved by the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications or their designee.
  • Emergency broadcast messages for urgent crisis communication. The Office of Emergency Management’s BruinAlert system is used for this purpose.

*Mass messaging to UCLA students is available, but must be approved by the Registrar’s Office consistent with UCLA Policy 220: Disclosure of Information from Student Records. The BruinPost administrator will be happy to assist in coordinating student messages with the Registrar’s Office.

Requests for other types of business communications may be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications or their designee.

In accordance with BruinPost policy, care should be used in determining the appropriate recipients of BruinPost mass messages. BruinPost clients should consult with their issuing officer and the BruinPost administrator to determine an appropriately targeted audience.


In accordance with best practices for mass email, BruinPost does not use email attachments. If you need to share a document in addition to the content of the BruinPost, it can be uploaded to Box and embedded in the message as a PDF link. If you need assistance, the BruinPost Administrator can upload the PDF document to Box and create access settings based on your preferences (public access, UCLA logon ID required, view only, etc.).


BruinPost uses set headers and templates for all messages, with exceptions approved at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications or their designee. View UCLA Brand Guidelines for samples.

BruinPost adheres to accessibility and ADA guidelines.

In general, BruinPosts should be limited to a maximum of 800 words in length.

Service Hours

BruinPost operates Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Service Rates and Turnaround Times

General Service

Once a BruinPost final draft is received, it will enter a queue with other requests for processing. Please submit requests at least three business days before your desired send date.

$103.09/hour (minimum 1/2 hr)

Rush Service

Final drafts submitted on the same day or less than one business day in advance of the desired send date will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

$154.64/hour (minimum 1 hour)

Rates are based on programming time needed to upload, format and test messages, and to prepare email lists. The average service time billed for most BruinPost requests is 1.5 to 2 hours.

BruinPosts are billed by internal recharge. Clients may look up their BruinPost recharge ID online.

Contact Information

Angela Rountree
Programmer Analyst and BruinPost Administrator

Department Email Address

BruinPost Order Form